Double-chrome plating

For components subject to strong corrosion stress, we recommend our double-chrome plating process, which was developed and tested in our laboratory.

In this process, the surface area to be chrome-plated is finely finished to a roughness of Rz < 1.5 µ. Followed by the deposit of a first micro-cracked chrome layer with thickness of about 20-25 µ. After mechanical and chemical intermediate treatment, happens the application of a second micro-cracked chrome layer with minimal layer thickness of 25 µ. Finally a TSI- finishing treatment (TSI = Teflonizing) is carried out. The downstream polishing process serves to smooth the surface. For this process, we recommend a total layer thickness of 50 – 80 µ. Our process offers you an advantage in comparison to conventional hot chrome plating by eliminating an uncontrolled fracturing of the chromium coating under operational conditions.

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